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Saturday, 03 February 2018 13:58

Airplay Φεβρουαρίου 2018

01.G.Mourgis feat.ANAA - Unbroken (Mama).
02.Barakounta - Crime.
03.Pool Cosby - Thrive (ManosJMT Remix).
04.Valerie Dore - Get Closer (Gerd Janson Edit) .
05.Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine (Soulwax Remix Radio Edit).
06.Ash - Can I Exist (feat.Philippine).
07.Editors - Magazine .
08.Tracey Thorn - Queen .
09.Odyssey Ft Amara Abonta - Fly (Parov Stelar Remix Radio Edit).
10.Belle Sebastian - The Same Star .
11.The Golden Filter - End Of Times (Dub Mix).
12.Gorillaz Ft Kali Uchis - She's My Collar (Radio Edit).
13.Calexico - Under The Wheels .
14.Kings Associates - Nitty Gritty.
15.Franz Ferdinand - Feel The Love Go.
16.Delv!s - No Ending (Radio Edit).
17.Dirty Sweet - Battered Love.
18.Son Lux - Dream State .
19.Chrono - Excommunicated (Victor Norman Remix).
20.San Miguel - Noches Nantricas (Sarkis Mikael Remix) [Pipe Pochet].

Saturday, 30 December 2017 23:32

Airplay Ιανουαρίου 2018

01.Stereodate - You Got Love feat.Georges Perin.
02.Borneland & Falcon Punch - Night Time ft.Line Goettsche (NTEIBINT Remix).
03.Valeron & Dim Zach - Gardenias.
04.Dim Vach - Heart Of Stone (feat.Anna Tarba).
05.Ivan Blanusa - Sunday Chill.
06.Plan B - Heartbeat (Radio Edit).
07.Anderson East - All On My Mind (Radio Edit).
08.Stereophonics - All In One Night (Radio Edit).
09.Maze Soundz - La Resistance.
10.Moby - Like A Motherless Child .
11.Calexico - Voices In The Field.
12.Curtis Harding - Need Your Love.
13.Adia Victoria - Me And The Devil (Radio Edit).
14.The National - Ill Still Destroy You.
15.Tricky - New Stole feat.Francesca Belmonte.
16.LCD Soundsystem - I Used To.
17.MGMT - When You Die.
18.Project Uncut - Kaleidoscope.
19.Maya Jane Coles - Darkside feat.Chelou .
20.Agatha - Windprints.
Sunday, 03 December 2017 14:13

Airplay Δεκεμβρίου 2017

01.The Cars - Drive (Dim Zach Rework) .
02.Hume Assine - Vradines Periplanhseis.
03.Dimka Feat.Kathrine S - Because The Night (Original Mix) [Cover].
04.Oh Yeah - All Night ( Dr Packer Mix ).
05.Robert Finley - Medicine Woman.
06.Frenic - All In Perspective.
07.Oceanvs Orientalis - Postwar Feat.Idil Mese (Original Mix).
08.Whomadewho - Dynasty .
09.Dionigi Dany L Simon Faz - Keep Control (Southmind Edit).
10.Purple Disco Machine Feat.Baxter - Encore.
11.Elliott Wheeler Feat Donna Missal Travis Pontrelli - Power.
12.Wolf Alice - Dont Delete The Kisses.
13.Giorgia Angiuli - I Touch Your Ghost (Dj Seinfeld Remix).
14.Thedas - Moon.
15.Tb - Now And Forever.
16.The Magic Ray - The Tuning Of The Road .
17.Hannes Fischer Coss - Kabuffeule (Iorie Remix).
18.Joe Goddard - Children (Michael Mayer Remix).
19.Kevin Yost - Chant The Night (Original Mix).
20.Lifelike - Nightwalk.

Monday, 30 October 2017 19:56

Airplay Νοεμβρίου 2017

01.Niko Gaitano - My LoveM
02.Zac F Vs Cocciante Vs Sarah Jane Morris - Se Stiamo Insieme - I'm Missing You[Mashup 2017].
03.Lego Boy - Release Myself.
04.Dimka - Southern Paradise Senior (Lefi Remix ).
05.Mr.Enex - Insane.
06.Michael Jackson - Give In To Me (Dim Chord Bootleg).
07.C-Real - Where R U Now Feat.Fox Glove (Roni Iron Escape Mix).
08.Depeche Mode - Cover Me (Dixon Remix).
09.Gary Numan - When The World Comes Apart .
10.Tears For Fears - I Love You But Im Lost.
11.Liam Gallagher - Wall Of Glass.
12.Giovanna - Dream World (Tom Demac Remix).
13.Robert Plant - Keep It Hid.
14.May Roosevelt - Pa .
15.Courtney Barnett Kurt Vile - Over Everything.
16.St.Vincent - Los Ageless.
17.Super Flu - Mygut (Solomun Remix).
18.Bicep - Vale.
19.Beck - Colors (Slime Visualizer).
20.Sasha - True Feat.Dems (Original Mix).

Sunday, 01 October 2017 06:02

Airplay Οκτωβρίου 2017

01.Alex Dimou - Tot .
02.Jori Hulkkonen - Don't Believe In Happiness.
03.Maggie Reilly - Wait (Dim Zach edit).
04.Mr Rodriguez - Time Is Precious (Nio March Remix) .
05.Monsieur Minimal - Ici (feat Kid Moxie).
06.Tommy Castro & The Painkillers - Love Is .
07.Boy Harsher - Country Girl.
08.Superpitcher feat.Fantastic Twins - In My Head.
09.UNKLE - Sunrise (Always Comes Around).
10.Belle and Sebastian - We Were Beautiful.
11.The National - 'Day I Die'.
12.Asaf Avidan - My Old Pain.
13.Definition feat.Liu Bei - Rise Again (Original Mix).
14.Italo Brutalo - Never Hard (Original Mix).
15.Unknown Archetype - Into Ether.
16.Four Tet - Scientists.
17.UM - Mia Mia (Original Mix).
18.Christian Loeffler - Vind (Fejka Remix) .
19.Deva Premal - Moola Mantra Incantation (The Bassment Remix).
20.Go Satta - Ocean (Vojun Remix).

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 14:07

Airplay Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

01.Anaa Feat.Niko Gaitano - Black Wind (Dimka Remix).
02.Roni Iron - Coco De Palma [Retrolounge Records].
03.Harri Agnel - Lovst (Chris Paparounis Remix).
04.Of Norway - Like A Sweet Dream Feat.Linnea Dale.
05.Armen Miran - Save My Soul (Original Mix) .
06.Billka & Elias Fassos - Stronger (Original Mix).
07.Arcade Fire - Signs Of Life .
08.Nina Simone & Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine (Marco Rigamonti Remix).
09.Matthew Koma - Kisses Back (Anthony Keyrouz Remix).
10.Tricky Feat.Martina Topley-Bird - When We Die.
11.Crazy P - One True Light (Truelight Ep).
12.Blondish Feat.Shawni - Wizard Of Love (Modular Project Remix).
13.Tony Casanova - Dreaming Of Space (Lukas Endhardt Remix).
14.Gusgus - Featherlight .
15.Zhu - Chasing Marrakech (Original Mix).
16.Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk.
17.Bicep - Glue.
18.North Coast Vibes Feat.Christine - Intentions.
19.Ucha - Whataboutism Original Mix.
20.Dusky - Cold Heart.

Friday, 28 July 2017 13:11

Airplay Αυγούστου 2017

01.Mikro - Sth Thalassa.
02.Pete Cave - Sound Of Epirus (Feat Petroloukas Halkias) Final.
03.Xaxakes - Afou To Savvato (Dim Zach Remix).
04.Nae Tek - A Beautiful Place (Lego Boy Remix) .
05.Harri Agnel - Lovst (Roni Iron Blue Love Mix).
06.Fading Soul - Starry Night (Original Mix).
07.Claude Challe & Adam Plack - Carmenita Lounging (Dimka Remix).
08.The Waz.Exp & Mr.Kju - Orchid (Auditive Cosmos Remix).
09.Vinyl Suicide - 6.40 A.M. (On Lycabettus) (Hiras Remix).
10.The Sweeps - Hide My Shadow (Original Mix).
11.Simon Le Grec - Secret Love (Simon Le Grec Rework).
12.Highjacks - Golden Sun [Bullfinch].
13.Kadebostany - Mind If I Stay (Consoul Trainin Remix).
14.Jp Soul - The Grind (Original Mix).
15.London Grammar - Non Believer .
16.Jimmy Reiter & Mixendorp - Instinctively Wrong (Remix) .
17.Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) (Radio Edit).
18.The Bees - Winter Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix).
19.Angel Suit - All The Way.
20.Mirito - Clipped (Ante Perry Remix).

Saturday, 01 July 2017 12:36

Airplay Ιουλίου 2017


01.ANAA ft.Niko Gaitano - Black Wind .
02.Monsieur Minimal - Agkalia (Dim Zach Remix).
03.Roni iron - Anazitisis 1972.
04.4 Strings - Take me Away (Dimka Club Mix).
05.Mr.eNeX - Attraction.
06.Kovacs - Sugar Pill (Radio Edit).
07.YAMIL - Ain't No Sunshine.
08.Trentemoller - Hands Down feat.jennylee.
09.UNKLE - Looking for the Rain feat Mark Lanegan & Eska.
10.Tricky - The Only Way.
11.Parov Stelar, Lightin Hopkins - My Man (Original Mix).
12.Way Out West - Running Away feat.Eli & Fur.
13.Daphne Bluebird & AkizzBeatzz - Who Will Comfort Me (Cover) .
14.Cigarettes After Sex - Each Time You Fall In Love.
15.London Grammar - Hell to the Liars.
16.Mary Epworth - Me Swimming.
17.Delirium Elephants - Washing Machine.
18.Plan B - In The Name Of Man (Radio Edit).
19.Monolink - Burning Sun (Just Emma's Just Take Me Back mix).
20.Benjamin Clementine - Phantom Of Aleppoville.

Monday, 29 May 2017 15:04

Airplay Ιουνίου 2017

01.Zac F - Izmir (Original Mix).
02.Cerrone - Supernature (Dj S Remix) .
03.Tareq - Hypergiant (Nosak Remix).
04.Kled Mone Feat.T.Pals - Bless Me Father (Dim_Zach_Remix).
05.Marina Satti - Mantissa (Pete Cave Remix).
06.Roosevelt - Moving On (Joe Goddard Remix).
07.Hercules & Love Affair Feat.Faris Badwan - Controller (Mike Simonetti Remix).
08.Kilter - Waste Time Feat.Woodes.
09.Css - Honey (Michael Mayer Rmx).
10.Mr.Enex - Arabian Affair.
11.Gorillaz - Andromeda (Bonobo Remix).
12.Twisted Wires - 0000.
13.Go Nogo - And The Devil 2 (Original_Mix).
14.Aeroplane Feat Tawatha Agee - Love On Hold (Extended Mix).
15.Nym - Sensory Fade.
16.Kalabrese - Rock Your Duby.
17.Ghost Twin - Saturn Swallows The Sun.
18.Heaven - It's Not Enough.
19.Blondie - Fun (Greg Cohen Spirit Of 79 Remix).
20.Lifelike - Pacific Palisades (Original Mix).

Monday, 01 May 2017 20:48

Airplay Μαΐου 2017

01.Monsieur Minimal - Aggalia.
02.Matina Sous Peau - Standing Next To Me (T.L.S. Puppets).
03.Timewarp inc ft Georges Perin - Tropicaliente.
04.Adriano Celentano & Mina - Acqua e Sale (Dim Zach ReWork).
05.Peach Stealing Monkeys - Where is my mind.
06.John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Dimka Remix).
07.Sarah P - To You.
08.London Grammar - Oh Woman Oh Man.
09.FKJ - Why Are There Boundaries.
10.Prins Obi - Finish What You Start.
11.Anna Wise - Balance In All.
12.NIIA - Sideline.
13.Roni Iron - €¤ (Petrino 80s Vibe mix).
14.INXS vs The Sound Defects - Need Peace Tonight.
15.Jim Morrison ft. Portishead - Love my glory Box two times (Dogspark).
16.El Michels Affair - Tearz.
17.Leon of Athens - Aeroplane.
18.Moiety & Manik - Youre gone (Bobby Smith & Dream Girls Edit).
19.Mark Pritchard - Give It Your Choir ft. Bibio.
20.Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (YOUcover bootleg edit).

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